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the idea

Six Doors & a World of Difference

It started with a single image, a spark of an idea, and a request for six doors. “I don’t need new ones,” the Rev. Dr. Jonathan Chapman of Westfield Church wrote in his congregation’s Facebook group. “Any size will do.”  Less than a week later, six doors were splayed out on old church tables–the heavy kind with metal frames that tear into your fingers when you need to move them.

Since that initial set of doors was finished and the first images were shared online, God’s Doors have taken the progressive Christian community by storm, inspiring dozens of replicas across the country and becoming a beacon of hope in denominations finding themselves at a crossroads.



the goal

Simply Show God's Love

It’s no mistake that the six colors of the doors are the six colors of the Pride Flag. God’s Doors are meant to be a visible reminder of God’s Love love for all people the Church has closed doors to, but particularly to the LGBTQ+ community. The gift of God’s Doors is this: most people see them as a colorful proclamation of God’s welcome (which it is!), but for the folks who need it to be more, it is so, so much more. The goal is simple: tell of God’s love. It’s not to grow any one particular congregation or start a fight. It’s simple to widen the welcome and make room for everyone, everyone, everyone.


These six doors speak louder than any protester. They are a visible and outward sign of an invisible and inward grace–one that welcomes each of us. But it’s not enough to paint doors and set them up.


You have to open your doors next.



More Than doors

There are lots of ways to show God's Love to the world

At Westfield Church in Killingly, Connecticut, it started with doors, but in the years since they first debuted this effort has become so much more.

During the holiday season, six rainbow wreaths with a banner posted beneath it: Proud to Help Make Your Yuletide Gay. And leading up to Easter are six bunnies proclaiming a similar sentiment: “Every bunny’s welcome at Westfield Church!”



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